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with Jason (skinnibuddha) Searing

Friday 6th November and 4th December 

7.30pm - 9.00pm

YIN is slow, YIN allows the body to stretch, YIN releases tension and joints Yin yoga works on connective tissues and balances the body organs. It is the perfect companion to a gym workout. Based on acupressure techniques we use the map of Chinese traditional medicine meridians to restore and activate various parts of the body. We will be using seasonal understanding of these points and where possible use wall and props (bring belt and brick/block) to go deep. In a world where everything has got faster YIN yoga means your body and mind get to slow down. Let go of everything. You will be introduced to the practice and then the remainder of the session is in silence. With silence comes the additional meditation that is unique to this style of Yin Yoga. If you have never tried a silent practice you may experience new sensations and awakenings. Come and try Plymouth's only SILENT YIN YOGA class and see why YIN IS IN.



with Jason (skinnibuddha) Searing

Saturday 5th December 

10.00am - 12.00pm

Forearm balances and 7 headstands......More details to follow....



with Landa Love

Sundays monthly

11.00am - 1.00pm

22/11, 20/12


Tantra yoga dance and yoga nidra

In these sessions we will explore tantric dance, pranyama (breath work) and meditation, accompanied with a beautiful sound track of healing sounds, flowing music and chimes.

(This is a movement meditation and each participant will stay on their yoga mat for the practice, thus allowing social distancing - please bring your own yoga mat, blankets, cushions etc.).

The sessions will start with some breathing to release, enliven and open your body to allow space for movement.

We will then move into the practice of Tandava.  One of the most ancient practices of Tantra Yoga, this dance is the spontaneous, slow and fluid movement of the body in space, generated by the conscious breath.

The body moves spontaneously through the subtle exploration of physical sensations; both contracted areas and soft, spacious areas.

In this way the body becomes more receptive and the senses opened. Curiosity, deep listening to the sensations and the willingness to let the body move in its full potential are developed in this practice.

The purpose of Tandava is to open the body-mind system, melting the body in a deep relaxation, making it permeable to emotions. The emotions can then freely flow without being stuck and repeated over and over. Over time the deep listening can bring an expansion of sensation to fuse with space, creating a dance with the universe.

The session will finish with a long yoga nidra (yoga sleep).  This is a deeply relaxing and blissful meditation, practiced in savasana (lying down). Within the tantric version of this meditation we utilise the power of this state of consciousness to fuel our intentions and use guided breath and chakra visualisation/mantras/sounds to clear and energise all of the energy centres in the body.

Please bring a bottle of water and your own yoga mat, blankets, cushions etc. It is recommended to wear layers of comfortable clothing as your body temperature will vary greatly at different time during these practices.


Corporate, Birthday, Hen & Stag Events

Contact us on and we will work with you to design and deliver a different kind of event to mark your occasion. Dance, flow, energise, relax, meditate - whatever mix matches your imaginings.

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with Jason (skinnibuddha) Searing

Saturday 7th November 

10.00am - 12.00pm

See the world from a different perspective. Learn to defy gravity, build strength and overcome fears through practicing some of the foundation arm balances of the Rocket series (where arm balances feature heavily). We spend so much of our time seated or standing in the yoga studio, at home or work isn’t it time to give those legs a rest? Arm balances not only allow the legs to relax but the shoulders and arms (which are often neglected), are used to make your existing practice challenging but fun. Postures will be explored individually and then linked together for a part Rocket yoga sequence. Postures covered are: pincha mayurasana, bakasana, parsva bakasana A, B, eka pada bakasana, galavasana, koundinyasana A, B, Use this workshop to fly the Rocket and develop a vinyasa practice.



with Beccy Rogers

Fridays - various

7.30pm - 9.00pm



30/10, 7/11, 14/11, 21/11, 27/11, 5/12, 12/12, 19/12, 01/01/2021

Cosy-up for self - care for flowing and thriving in these challenging times. 
Join us for regular Friday and Saturday gong baths to honour the moon, soothe your nervous system, ease the anxieties of our times and flex your relaxation muscles.  
Combining the powerful feminine energies of the moon, some optional gentle exercise, a meditation and the deeply relaxing tones of the 32” symphonic gong. This puts you into a theta state of deep meditation at a cellular level, calming and upgrading every system of your body so you enjoy a profoundly healing and uplifting experience.

Please bring warm clothing, blankets, mats, cushions, hot water bottle maybe, and water or herb tea to drink and do not hesitate to text for any questions, 07825 953 862. 



with Ricardo Goni

Autumn date tbc

2.00pm - 4.00pm

A Mayan tradition comes to Plymouth
We sing ancestral chants from the Nations of Latin America, allowing the cacao and the songs to go deep into your heart.
Everyone is invited, specially those who are walking their path into love by healing old wounds, this is a ceremony which connects you with love, kindness and forgiveness, with others and with yourself.
At the end of the ceremony it will be a time to share our experiences.

Cost  £15


with Louise Bowden

6 weeks 

11.00am - 12.00noon

We are offering a chance to learn how to massage your baby in warm, nurturing and relaxed environment. A lovely way for you to bond and spend time with your baby, it is a six week programme for babies from birth to 1 year.

The programme will teach you the skills to help relieve your baby from wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort. It will allow you some special time with them helping you both to feel closer and support your growing relationship. It will also help you to gain a deeper understanding of your baby’s behaviour, crying and body language. It is a great way to soothe, calm and enjoy time with your baby. Long before babies are able to speak they are communicating with the world around them through various ways, one of these being touch. The power of touch to soothe and heal is instinctive, if a baby cries for example we often cuddle them and rub their back. Massage is an extension of this natural impulse and is a life long parenting skill.


All that we ask for you to bring is a couple of towels or blankets and an extra drink as babies can get thirsty and hungry after they have been massaged. We will supply oils and mats.


with Cindy

3 new dates confirmed

Sunday 15th November 6.00 - 7.15pm

Friday 20th November 7.30 - 8.45pm

Sunday 22nd November 6.00 -7.15pm


A series of 3 classes that can be taken individually or together.

Cindy would like to reach out to anyone who is struggling with a mental health issue or has experienced a trauma of any kind. This could range from heartbreak to hearing voices!


The Classes:

Movements & language will focus on soothing anxiety, depression and trauma.  A calm, protective space is essential for trauma-focused yoga and so each class will be limited to 8 students max.


Please note: this is not a ‘fitness’ class - you do not need any yoga experience and you do not need to be flexible! Beginners are very welcome.


Before your place is confirmed Cindy will check in with you to ensure you get the most out of this experience.

£8 per session.

Email Space To Move HERE to join these classes  


with Landa Love

Fridays monthly

7.30pm - 9.00pm

13/11, 11/12

No singing experience is necessary to enjoy Kirtan; you are welcomed into a joyful, supportive environment, which is open to all.

Bhakti Yoga is the yogic path of love and devotion and Kirtan/Devotional Singing is the musical expression of this. It facilitates a connection with the vibration of the heart and heartful expression.

During this musical yoga of the heart, after a yoga style warm up, we sing devotional songs and spiritually uplifting mantras which connect us to the ever present, vibrating field of love in a highly tangible way.

Kirtan chanting is a form of meditation. Think of it as ‘mindful singing’. Chanting uses mantra to focus the mind and create a state of heart-opening vibratory bliss.

People have been chanting the names of the divine for thousands of years. It’s an experience that opens the heart and everyone is encouraged to participate. Even beginners, and anyone new to singing in a group, will feel the joy of connection to spirit as you are lead through learning and chanting the ancient sacred names and mantras.

This devotional singing expression of Bhakti Yoga has a unique capacity to release long-held emotions, blocks and trauma; Walls constructed long ago come crumbling down. Wounds that we never knew were there begin to heal. Long-submerged emotions come to the surface. As we sing, we immerse ourselves in an endless river of prayer. And we effortlessly move into a meditative state that creates a safe haven for the flower of the heart to unfold.

The harmonium produces a unique sound that merges seamlessly with the voice, guides the chanting, holds the voices and encourages various harmonies to emerge within the group. As an acoustic instrument, played by the movement of air, it is the perfect yogic instrument; it becomes one with the musician and feels like a living, breathing member of the group.

As we co-create this field of sacred sound and share this experience of opening to love, the mind stills, we have a direct experience of our own energy and the energy field around us and can feel a sense of unity and oneness.


Places must be booked online.



Studio Hire

Available for rehearsals, private events, filming etc

Contact us on if you are interested in hiring our beautiful space. Dance or theatre rehearsals, meditation, mindfulness, or just space to be. Hourly, daily or half daily options available.

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