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Tuesday 14th December 2021 
10.00am - 12.00noon

As the days turn colder and the darkness wraps itself around us, have you been searching for reliable and intuitive ways to support your wellness and the health and wellness of your family? Essential oils offer a dynamic approach to wellbeing through their physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. In this 2 hour workshop Dot will demystify the essential oil industry and show you how dōTERRA are leading the way in sourcing and providing pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. You will learn how this non-toxic and naturally pure product can be incorporated into everyday life to assist your health, enhance your food and clean your home naturally. During the workshop you will get to enjoy delicious food and drinks infused with the oils and learn how you can safely use them at home.

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with Carly Seller
Sunday 2nd January
4.00pm - 6.00pm

Take time to rest after the festive season and reset your energy as we move into the new year. Be gently guided into deep rest and inner peace in this immersive sound journey featuring the soothing tones of Himalayan & crystal singing bowls, the sun gong, chimes, percussion, harmonium & Sanskrit mantra, and sacred silence. I’ll also guide you through gentle breathing practices to settle your mind & body, so that you can experience the nourishment of the sound vibrations.

Bring a mat to lay on, a blanket to keep yourself cosy, and any additional pillows or props you’d like to make yourself comfortable.


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SONIC CUDDLE: Sound Bath for Relaxation
with Carly Seller
Various Wednesdays  8.00 - 9.00pm

Sonic Cuddle: Sound Bath for Relaxation


Dates for 2022 coming soon!


Sonic Cuddle is a space for you lay back and relax whilst being immersed in a soothing soundscape.


Sound baths using tonal and rhythmic instruments have been shown to effectively improve health and wellbeing by inducing a deeply relaxed state. All of the instruments I use have specific sound signatures that evoke a range of responses in the body and mind. In this sound bath I will be playing a combination of Himalayan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, sun gong, chimes, and therapeutic percussion.


To find out more about sound baths and group sound therapy, see Carly’s website at:

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Corporate, Birthday, Hen & Stag Events

Contact us on and we will work with you to design and deliver a different kind of event to mark your occasion. Dance, flow, energise, relax, meditate - whatever mix matches your imaginings.

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with Ricardo Goni
Saturday 18th December
10.00am - 12.00noon

A Mayan tradition comes to Plymouth 
We sing  chants from the Ancestral Nations of Latin America, allowing the Cacao and the songs going deep into your heart.

Everyone is invited, specially those who are walking their path into love by healing old wounds, this is a ceremony which connects you with love , kindness and forgiveness, with others and with yourself.

At the end of the ceremony it will be a time to share our experiences.

Ceremony guided by Ricardo Goni, Mexican Medicine Man.


In 2012 Ricardo started a Peace Journey with the blessing of the Mayan Counsel, around Mexico and linking it with South American traditions. Ricardo is bringing the Ancestral Traditions to Europe.

Cost £20

This type of healing with ceremonial cacao is for those who want:

• Realign with the intelligence and wisdom of the heart.
• Recognize what is stagnant and heal it.
• Accelerate and activate your self awareness.
• Let go and heal that which no longer serves you.
• Having a clearer mind. increasing focus and alertness, immune system as well.
• Increase and regulate your sexual energy, reduce stress levels.
• Increase your energy and enthusiasm by being in a higher mood.
• And for all those people who wish to activate the wisdom of the heart to heal it and expand it in a loving vibration, to follow our soul purpose!


This Ceremonial Cacao is the origin of chocolate, a native seed from México (it was used by Aztecs, Mayans and the ancient cultures of Latin America, in some of them it was their coin)that contains the balance of components and ideal energies that stimulate that union of the spirit and the vibration of the heart.

Cacao contains chromium, magnesium, iron, caffeine, Phenethylamine, Anandamide, Tryptophan, Serotonin, Theobromine, Antioxidants, Manganese and Zinc.

It heats and activates a very special and loving frequency in each person. Acts at very subtle and deep levels. The spirit of CACAO allows you to harmonize emotionally and spiritually what you need, without the intervention of the mind. You will let go of that which does not serve you and you will process in a profound way that transformation and change that you need. 

Blanket, comfortable clothes and a bottle of water. Those who attend please eat a good breakfast and not eat two hours before the ceremony. Avoid coffee during the day, if you can it is recommended. Drink herbal tea without caffeine and do not consume any other stimulants.

NOTE: if you are nuts allergic or taking antidepressants, if you have or had a psychiatric condition this experience is not suitable for you.

covid update. If you feel unwell days before the event, please let us know, your space will be saved for the next ceremony. bring your own mug if you can.

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with Jason Searing (skinnibuddha)
Friday 7th January 2021 
7.30pm - 9.00pm

YIN is slow, YIN allows the body to stretch, YIN releases tension and joints Yin yoga works on connective tissues and balances the body organs. It is the perfect companion to a gym workout. Based on acupressure techniques we use the map of Chinese traditional medicine meridians to restore and activate various parts of the body. We will be using seasonal understanding of these points and where possible use wall and props (bring belt and brick/block) to go deep. In a world where everything has got faster YIN yoga means your body and mind get to slow down. Let go of everything. You will be introduced to the practice and then the remainder of the session is in silence. With silence comes the additional meditation that is unique to this style of Yin Yoga. If you have never tried a silent practice you may experience new sensations and awakenings. Come and try Plymouth's only SILENT YIN YOGA class and see why YIN IS IN.



YOGA NIDRA WORKSHOPS - a Practice for Change
with Louise Handy
Sunday TBC January 2022 
5.00pm - 6.15pm

A series of short practical workshops looking at the practice and uses of yoga nidra to effect change in our lives.

Whether that desired change is sleeping better, coping with anxiety or changing the habits of a lifetime, yoga nidra can supply the tools to not only relax but also to reprogram ourselves to shed deeply ingrained and learned patterns of behaviour and response.


Each session will include some background to nidra and the theory/philosophy behind the practice, and then a 30-40 minute yoga nidra practice.

Attend one, or more for fuller understanding and deepening practice. Yoga Nidra Workshop pass available to buy three sessions and save a few £££s. Valid for either the in-studio experience or for live online - just choose the correct option (either "Workshops" or "Online Yoga") when booking.


This is not a physical practice. No previous yoga or yoga nidra experience needed. All are welcome. 

Yoga nidra is a technique designed to effortlessly guide you into a state of complete "non-doing". Your body is completely relaxed and you can rest in a space where you may enter a state of expanded awareness and deep relaxation, where peace is accessible beyond reliance on external circumstances. It has been shown that a session of nidra is equivalent to up to 4 hours of sleep due to the type of brain waves experienced along the way. This restorative practice can be applied in many different ways, and in these sessions we will explore its use for making change. Whatever you want to get out of it, nidra's regenerative meditative state helps benefit both body and mind, restoring and rejuvenating, for greater mental and emotional balance and resilience. 

Why not try it and find the magic...

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with Carly Seller
Sunday 19th December
4.00pm - 6.00pm

The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year. One cycle ends and a new cycle begins as we journey towards longer days. During this period of stillness, I invite you to join me on a relaxing & immersive journey through sound featuring: Himalayan & crystal singing bowls, the sun gong, chimes, percussion, harmonium, and sacred silence. I’ll also guide you through gentle breathing practices to settle your mind & body, so that you can experience deep rest as you absorb the nourishment of the sound vibrations.


Bring a mat to lay on, a blanket to keep yourself cosy, and any additional pillows or props you’d like to make yourself comfortable.


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with Jason Searing (skinnibuddha)
Saturday 8th January 2022 
10.00am - 12.00noon

Utilise ancient kriyas (cleansing rites) and shuddhis (purifications) as laid out by the great sages.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika states that these kriyas should be done before any further physical practice to attain unification with the divine.

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras states that these kriyas are the way to overcome the main causes of mental, physical and emotional sorrow, suffering and pain

Discover secret unwritten techniques which have only been passed on orally and are not documented.  The way to get mind, body and soul cleaned in a way that leaves the inner self refreshed and new. 

We will be practising a set of techniques which lead to a lightness and purity not only in the physical body but also  the mental body and energetic body.


​Come and see what KRIYA YOGA is all about


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Studio Hire

Available for rehearsals, private events, filming etc

Contact us on if you are interested in hiring our beautiful space. Dance or theatre rehearsals, meditation, mindfulness, or just space to be. Hourly, daily or half daily options available.

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