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Reiki Sharing Circle 
with Sarah Trotter
Fridays 3rd & 10th February, 3rd March

Energy is all around and held within us, so let’s collaborate with it, to celebrate it’s beautiful complexities and powerful healing qualities,  I am super excited to be inviting all Energy Practitioners/Healers (students & practitioners of all levels) to come together in a circle to share energy, offer support, rebalance, share ideas and experiences, allow opportunities to develop and strengthen our healing gifts and to open channels for creativity, conversation and collaboration in a nourishing, empathetic, safe and inclusive space.  


The circle will be opened and held with a welcome Palo Santo smudging clearing and tuning fork vibrational ceremony followed by guided audio-visual meditation connected with gentle intuitive movement to stimulate the senses and to welcome energy to your mind, body and soul allowing you to be present and to feel at home within the circle. After, the group giving and receiving of reiki/energy healing session will be shared and each healer/practitioner will have an equal amount of time of giving/receiving energy in a cyclical rotational pattern.


There will be moments to have conversations and share experiences after the sharing and if you feel the need for some extra grounding and warmth, there will be a variety of fruit and herbal teas offered during the sharing event.

I cannot wait to meet you and to join in sharing delicious energies together, what an absolute treat time for the mind, body and soul.


If you are interested in joining this Reiki Share Circle and would like to know more information on energy /Reiki sharing circles, then I would love to connect with you, drop me an email or call/message:  07908470924 


£12. Book via eventbrite. I am also offering a pay what you can service (please could you connect with me to let me know prior to the event)


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Curious CreArtful Workshop
with Sarah Trotter
Sunday 12th February 2-4pm
Saturday 4th March 1-3pm

Curious about releasing your creativity through sensory exploration? Move, paint & meditate with me to create your own self expressive visual meditative symphony.


I gently guide you to explore your senses through play, colored light visualization, brush stroke touches to soothe your nervous system, abstract painting meditative techniques embodied with intuitive movements and sounds journeying you to a mindful and therapeutic, calm, present and relaxed mood. Play is the most natural form of self-healing as it allows us to be able to communicate with ourselves which deepens our understanding of mindful wellbeing. 


During this circle I allow space for you to explore your own natural experimentation, creative discovery and self -expression and encourage you to trust the process of your creations. I demonstrate abstract bilateral painting, drawing and intuitive movement methods with sound and gently support you to connect you with your spirit, intuition and inner expression throughout these processes. This unique and playful activity aids in releasing any anxieties, apprehension and helps with self-regulation and allows you the space to engage with your inner self in a liberating fluid, creative and empowering way.


We shall be using oil and soft pastels, water-based paint to manipulate, move, embody the process of creation on paper, canvas, card and connecting our senses with sound, scents, music and movement throughout this journey.


I am so excited to create, move and meditate with you! 


If you are interested in joining this circle please book and read more about it on eventbrite or if you would like any further information or if you have any questions, please email / 07908470924.



Movement Workshop
for those who love to move 
with Jules Laville & Mark Laville
Saturday 25th February

Move Together

Movement Workshop

with Jules Laville & Mark Laville


For those who love to move


Jules Laville (Yoga Teacher, Dance Teacher, Choreographer & Movement Director) & Mark Laville (Theatre Director & Senior Lecturer in Theatre Performance) have over 50 years of professional movement experience between them.


Together, Jules & Mark will create a friendly & supportive space for participants to feel free to be creative, breathe & move with ease, whiles enjoying connecting, discovering and being with others.


This accessible, playful workshop will include a variety of individual, pair & group; warm-ups, tasks, exercise and games.


Every Body Welcome - No experience needed; just a passion for moving!


Ideal for those who love to move… attend Yoga, Pilates or other Dance/Movement/Wellbeing/Fitness classes.

Dancers, actors, performers, theatre makers, Yoga teachers, Pilates teachers, Dance teachers, Drama teachers & Contact Improvisers.


DSC_0242 done.jpg

Studio Hire

Available for rehearsals, private events, filming etc

Contact us on if you are interested in hiring our beautiful space. Dance or theatre rehearsals, meditation, mindfulness, or just space to be. Hourly, daily or half daily options available.

Special features:

Sprung dance floor

Completely accessible

Toilet and baby change facilities

Small kitchen

Natural light

Stereo and video streaming options

Email Space To Move HERE

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Yoga Nidra for Imbolc
with Louise Handy
Sunday 5th February
5.30 - 6.30pm

Find total relaxation and look at the use of yoga nidra to effect change in our lives.
Whether that desired change is sleeping better, coping with anxiety or changing the habits of a lifetime, yoga nidra can supply the tools to not only relax but also to reprogram ourselves to shed deeply ingrained and learned patterns of behaviour and response.

This session will draw on the Imbolc (early Spring) energies and will include information on the karmic aspects of nidra and use of sankalpa (intention) and then a 40-ish minute yoga nidra practice.

This is not a physical practice. No previous yoga or yoga nidra experience needed. All are welcome. 

Yoga nidra is a technique designed to effortlessly guide you into a state of complete "non-doing". Your body is completely relaxed and you can rest in a space where you may enter a state of expanded awareness and deep relaxation, where you can find peace beyond relying on external circumstances. Due to the type of brain waves experienced along the way, it has been shown that a session of nidra is equivalent to up to 4 hours of sleep. This restorative practice can be applied in many different ways, and in these sessions we explore its use for making positive change in our lives. Whatever you want to get out of it, nidra's regenerative meditative state helps benefit both body and mind, restoring and rejuvenating, for greater mental and emotional balance and resilience. 

Why not try it and find the magic...


Choose to join in the studio or live online - please check you are correctly booking either the studio workshop or the LIVE ONLINE session to get the Zoom link. 

Click HERE for Studio

Click HERE for Live Online


Cacao Ceremony 
with Ricardo Goni
Saturday 18th February
11.15am - 1.15pm

If you are walking a path into love by healing old wounds, this is a ceremony which connects you with love , kindness and forgiveness, with others and with yourself.

We will share Ancient Medicine songs from pre-hispanic times.

Ceremony guided by Ricardo Goni (Mexico),Mexican Medicine Man rooted in the Mayan traditions.

In 2012 Ricardo started a Peace Journey with the blessing of the Mayan Counsel, walking with Juan Carlos Reyes around Mexico, Ricardo continued the Peace Journey to South America and he is now expanding the Ancestral Traditions to Europe.



Pisces Immersion 
with Tara Mills
Sunday 26th February
4.30 - 6.30pm

Welcome Pisces Season in like you never have before! 

A Two hour Ceremony dedicated to tuning into what Pisces season is choosing to open you to.


What awaits;

We will start by Learning about the pisces archetype and how the Pisces energy shows up in your particular blue print.

Following an Immerse of your taste buds and an ignite of your body with a special blend of herbal tea specifically made locally by coco holistic with this ceremony in mind.

The tea will support the opening of your mind, body and spirit for this dreamy immersion.


Move with breath in a sequence designed to connect you to your Piscean energy- flowing as the water sign wishes.


Finally allow yourself to get lost in free flow dance as you experience otherworldly places that this Season chooses to gift to you. 


This whole experience will be led 'silent disco style' with headphones so that you can experience your own journey deeply. 


When Sunday 26th February at 4.30pm-6.30pm

Price: £27 to book please email


I am so excited to welcome you to this unique experience.


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Corporate, Birthday, Hen & Stag Events

Contact us on and we will work with you to design and deliver a different kind of event to mark your occasion. Dance, flow, energise, relax, meditate - whatever mix matches your imaginings.

Email Space To Move HERE

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Imbolc Cacao Ceremony 
with Nicola
Saturday 4th February
11.15 - 2.15pm

We meet the stirrings of the Great Mother Earth with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony followed by creating flower essences.

 As the seeds within the earth begin to stir so do our own.


🌱 This is a time to notice and nourish them as we sit with the sacred cacao*, plant medicine that invites us to open our hearts.


🌱 Imbolc is a time of new beginnings, rebirth, hope and renewal.


🌱 An opportunity to pause and reflect upon the intentions of our desires for 2023 at this halfway point between Solstice and Spring Equinox.


🌱 Wherever we may be on our personal journey we can feel the return of the light and the honour the changing of the seasons.

🌱 🌱

🌱 In sacred community we will >>>

🌱 create flower essences to help support your intentions through this changing season.

🌱 be in sacred space as we breathe

🌱 journey

🌱 move

🌱 journal

🌱 belong and connect together

*The cacao we use is organic and responsibly sourced. If you are pregnant or have a medical condition that prevents you from partaking please let me know at the time of booking and Nicola will arrange an alternative sacred beverage for you.

Book with Nicola HERE 


with Jules Laville 
Tuesday 14th February

PartnerYoga workshop

Everybody Welcome!

WITH or WITHOUT a partner.

(friend, family member & partner)


Come and join us for Playful Partner Yoga workshop and experience first-hand the many physical, emotional and mental benefits. Suitable for those with no experience, beginners and for those with a more established yoga practice.  


Learning and practicing Partner Yoga poses/sequences is so much fun... there will be a lot laughter, joy & relaxing. 

Partner Yoga has the ability to: 

☯️ Connect & relax us
☯️ Improving alignment, posture, range of motion, focus & balance
☯️ Helps us too safely stretch deeper than when on our own
☯️ Nurtures and strengthens communication, trust and confidence
☯️ Promotes laughter & light heartedness 
☯️ Strengthen your body, friendships, relationships & social skills


Book Studio Workshop HERE 

Book Live Online Workshop HERE


Scent & Sound Circle 
A Journey for Ostara

with Carly & Dot
Sunday 19th March
2.00 - 5.00pm

Scent & Sound Circle:

A Journey for Ostara


Join Carly Seller & Dot Moorhouse for the third in their series of Scent & Sound Circles to journey with the Wheel of the Year. March brings Ostara, the Spring Equinox - the union of fertility and manifestation, the dance of life.


We gather in circle, where we will begin with a centring guided breathing practice. Using dōTERRAs beautiful oils to bring awareness to our breath, we will invite you to fully arrive in the present moment, share what’s on your heart and set intentions for our time together.


Dot will delve into the magic of Ostara - festival of new life, awakening & the first day of Spring. We will work with specially selected dōTERRA Essential Oils to tune into the frequency of the season, you will learn about their emotional and energetic profile, and how they can support you at this significant moment of balance.


You will be served delicious Ceremonial Cacao infused with essential oil. Cacao encourages your senses and your heart to open to the insights waiting to be illuminated within you. As you integrate with the cacao and essential oils, Carly will weave her magic with a guided meditation and sound healing journey to take you deep within.


As we emerge from the sound journey you will arrive gently back into the space - with time for personal reflection, journaling and space for sharing. Once we close the circle we will enjoy a simple & delicious plant based meal to help you feel grounded.


You will leave with a sample of the dōTERRA essential oils we worked with through the journey for you to continue exploring your personal rituals as we journey into the abundant beauty of the spring time.


The combination of cacao, oils and sound can be a potent mechanism for healing. By participating in this circle you agree to take full responsibility for your wellbeing before, during and after the event. This event may be unsuitable for those who are pregnant or currently taking prescription medication, please contact Dot before booking if you wish to discuss whether it is appropriate for you to participate.

                   Book HERE

Carly Sonic Cuddle.jpg

Sound Bath 
with Carly Seller
Most Wednesdays
8.00 - 9.00pm


8th, 15th & 22nd February 

A sound bath is a restful experience where the tones and vibrations of therapeutic instruments guide you into a meditative state. Sound is vibratory energy that has the capacity to penetrate all levels of our being; our physical body, energy, thoughts and emotions, and our connection to spirit (that elusive sense of something beyond but also within than ourselves). Healing sounds from bowls, gong and other instruments encourage the mind and body into a deeply relaxed state that can help you process emotions, tune into your intuition and creativity, and activate your body's natural healing abilities.

What to bring:
- Mat, blankets & cushions to make your cosy rest nest (mats and blankets available to borrow if you can't bring them with you)
- A bottle of water

Carly Seller is an artist and energy practitioner based in Plymouth. She's dedicated to opening and holding spaces for play and rest through sound healing, yoga, reiki and creative practice.

Find out more at:

Cost: £12 

Book HERE 

- choose the correct date

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