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Equinox Yoga Nidra
with Louise Handy
Sunday 24th September
5.30 - 6.30pm

Find total relaxation and look at the use of yoga nidra to effect change in our lives.
Whether that desired change is sleeping better, coping with anxiety or changing the habits of a lifetime, yoga nidra can supply the tools to not only relax but also to reprogram ourselves to shed deeply ingrained and learned patterns of behaviour and response.

This session draws on the energies of the season, the equinox, Mabon, Autumn harvest and then we will enjoy a 40-ish minute yoga nidra practice. ​​

This is not a physical practice. No previous yoga or yoga nidra experience needed. All are welcome. 

Yoga nidra is a technique designed to effortlessly guide you into a state of complete "non-doing". Your body is completely relaxed and you can rest in a space where you may enter a state of expanded awareness and deep relaxation, where you can find peace beyond relying on external circumstances. Due to the type of brain waves experienced along the way, it has been shown that a session of nidra is equivalent to up to 4 hours of sleep. This restorative practice can be applied in many different ways, and in these sessions we explore its use for making positive change in our lives. Whatever you want to get out of it, nidra's regenerative meditative state helps benefit both body and mind, restoring and rejuvenating, for greater mental and emotional balance and resilience. 

Why not try it and find the magic...


Choose to join in the studio or live online - please check you are correctly booking either the studio workshop or the LIVE ONLINE session to get the Zoom link. 

Book HERE for Studio

Book HERE for Live Online


Sunrise Yoga
Outdoor or Studio
(depending on the weather)
with Jules Laville 
Outdoor: Southern Gardens -
Mount Wise 
Studio: Space to Move Studio 

Thursdays 7:30-8:30am
7th,14th, 21st & 28th September 


Sunrise YOGA 

A safe, slower, mindful practise, perfect for a morning practice.


In this Hatha Yoga Flow style class we practice constant attention, combining breath, movement & stillness, helping you feel calm, grounded & energised for the day ahead.  

These classes are suitable for all levels of experience, including beginners - Options/modifications are provided throughout.


Sunrise Yoga

whatever the weather..

If the weather good/dry the practice will take place in the Southern Gardens at Mount Wise. 

When the weather is not suitable for an outdoor practice, the class will take place at Space to Move. 

Mats, Props available; both for indoors & outdoors.


Doing Yoga outside has many additional benefits to practicing yoga indoors:

💚 Connect with Nature See the sky, feel the wind, smell the roses, the grass, feel your feet on the ground, breath & smell the fresh sea air, hear the sounds of nature and life. It's all good for the soul.

💚 Improve your focus & concentration. 💚 Improve your balance, strength & mobility.

💚 A dose of vitamin D

💚 Feel calm & revitalised Outdoor Yoga


Classes take place in the stunning peaceful private Southern Gardens that look out to sea down at Village by the Sea - Mount Wise, with plenty for fresh sea air & trees for shade. 

Once you have booked you will receive an email the day/evening before confirming the location of class. (OUTDOORS or STUDIO). The email will include details of where to meet for outdoors. Last minute changes, due to the weather you will be notified either by email or SMS/text. 

Book HER

- choose the correct date/class 

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Full Moon Circle - Journeying
with Tara
28th October

On the 28th of October we experience the hunters moon in Taurus. 
I am inviting you to come and sit in circle with me and receive the nourishment and grounding energy that this full moon has to offer. 
Full moons are a time of release and letting go. 
Under this full moon we will be working with the element of earth as we ask it to support us with breaking free from what we do not want to take in to the end of the year. 
Much like nature this time of year; it is time to shed the dead leaves, to prune back what is no longer in resonance and to come in to our inner cocoon for the autumn season. 
This circle journey will include;
Intuitive movement
Group energy healing experience- hands on and astral energy healing from qualified energy healer Tara
Circle shares
Journal prompts to support you integrate the medicine

This is set to be a deep experience; my intention is that you have space to connect within. I hope for you to leave positively relaxed and grounded. 

Price £33

Booking done via email- 

Email Tara HERE

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Studio Hire

Available for rehearsals, private events, filming etc

Contact us on if you are interested in hiring our beautiful space. Dance or theatre rehearsals, meditation, mindfulness, or just space to be. Hourly, daily or half daily options available.

Special features:

Sprung dance floor

Completely accessible

Toilet and baby change facilities

Small kitchen

Natural light

Stereo and video streaming options

Email Space To Move HERE

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             Women's Circle &

     Essential Oil Immersion 
    with Dorothy Burns  - Tender Union 



24th September

5th Nov, 3rd Dec, 7th Jan, 4th Feb, 3rd Mar


The Soul Hub is a love filled, oil infused morning of connection and sisterhood. We will begin by dropping into the space by working with dōTERRA essential oils and grounding with meditation. We will then open the space for a sharing circle and you will be given the chance to speak whats on your heart. 

We will provide a selection of oracle cards for you to work with should you choose to and you will be guided in a powerful ritual of release and intention setting, drawing on the wisdom of the current season and inviting you to cast off what no longer serves you as we move towards the darker months of the year.

We will then move on to a beautiful essential oil make & take activity, where you will be guided in creating your own rollllerball blend to capture the energy of the season and carry with you as we cross the significant threshold of Litha, the summer solstice. You will learn about dōTERRAs oils and how we can utilise their powerful energies to amplify our desires and intentions as well as providing support physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Once our rollerballs are made we will close the space and share a tasty vegetarian meal (when booking please advise if you have specific dietary requirements).

As always with our events we like to make the wisdom and healing of the circle accessible to all - as such, 2 donation based tickets are available. Please claim this and pay what you can afford if the ticket price is prohibitive for you at this time.

The Soul Hub is a circle like no other - our goal is simply to pour into you with love so that you can meet the world and share your unique gifts. We cannot wait to welcome you to the circle.

        For full details  & to book

Click HERE


Full Body & Mind Yoga Flow 

with Jules Laville 

Saturdays 4 - 5:15pm
7th October 2023
4th November 2023
   2nd December 2023   

An invigorating open level yoga class designed to fill the body and mind with a positive energy and a sense of deep inner calm.


This class perfect for those who attend a weekly/regular class/practice at home & wish to explore taking their practice to the next level ! All levels welcome! 


Deepening your practice; taking the next step isn't just about the physical practice. Yoga can help you strength & calm amongst uncertainty, learn about & get to know yourself deeper.


Throughout these monthly sessions we explore a varied combination of poses, movements and sequences incorporating; backbends, hip openers, twists, forward folds, balances and inversions.


Options/variations are always offered, there is always something you can do... adapting poses/practicing safe alignment to find what serves your body/mind best is a big part of deepening your practice.


We also explore a variety of breathwork, meditation, commitment/home practice and ways to take yoga into your everyday life.


If you have any question please get in touch.

Booking in advance is essential




Scent & Sound:
Journey for Samhain

with Carly & Dot
Sunday 29th October
5 - 8pm

Join Carly Seller & Dot Moorhouse

for the penultimate gathering in their series of Scent & Sound Circles to journey with the Wheel of the Year. Now we meet Samhain, the Festival of Remembrance, symbolised by the dark moon.


We will gather in circle, invite you to share what’s on your heart, and set intentions for our time together. Working with our breath and specially selected dōTERRA Essential Oils, we’ll tune into the frequency of the season, learn about their emotional and energetic profile, and how they can support you in this deep time of death and rebirth. We’ll delve into the significant energy of Samhain and share with you insights, tools and practises which will support you in accessing the magic of the season.


We’ll share a delicious ceremonial cacao elixir, infused with essential oils to encourage your heart and mind to be open to the gifts of the season. Then Carly will weave her magic with sound to take you on a journey to welcome Samhain’s energy of surrender and transformation. The deeply restful states entered through sonic vibrations help you nourish and restore through the activation of your body’s natural healing abilities. Combining the high vibrational oils and cacao with this journey offers a unique opportunity to experience our deeper truths and gain perspective.


As we emerge from the sound journey you will arrive gently back with time for personal reflection, journaling, and space for sharing. Once we close the circle, we’ll enjoy a simple & delicious plant-based meal to help you ground.


You’ll leave with a sample of the dōTERRA essential oils we worked with through the journey for you to continue exploring your personal rituals as we as we move towards the deep point of the year.


Tickets via Eventbrite:


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Corporate, Birthday, Hen & Stag Events

Contact us on and we will work with you to design and deliver a different kind of event to mark your occasion. Dance, flow, energise, relax, meditate - whatever mix matches your imaginings.

Email Space To Move HERE

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Sister Circles
with Tara
Wednesday Circles Series

Thursday Circles Series

Sitting in circle with women is an ancient practice. When we sit intentionally together in circle we create a portal-  
My intention for this portal is that we build the warmest, heart opened space for women to come and be just as you are. 
This circle is for you to come and take up space, be held and hold other women as we journey through life. 

An organic process of sitting intentionally in this space is that we heal- 
From our siter wounds all the way through to our worthiness- the possibilities are limitless. 

This is a space for community where we sit as equals and take care of one another.

Weds: 27th Sept, 25th Oct & 29th Nov 8-9pm PLACES AVAILABLE 
Thurs: 7th Sept, 5th Oct, 2nd Nov & 7th Dec 7.45-8.45pm SOLD OUT 


The Wednesday Circle currently has spaces available and the cost for the whole series is £50.

Please contact Tara on or over on Instagram @guided_tarajayne to book. 

Email Tara HERE

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Heart Song
with Landa Love 

Thursdays 7.40-9pm
19th October 2023
16th November 2023
   21st December 2023   

Heartsong – Singing and Chanting with Landa Love

In these nourishing heart opening sessions, we gather together to sing songs of Love and Peace, accompanied by harmonium or harp.  We will co-create a field of healing sound and open to the ever present, flowing vibration of Joy.

Singing and chanting focus and still the mind, open the heart and offer a gentle release of stress and trauma. Tears may gently flow, and this is natural as an expression of this release and a growing connection with the heart.

The songs that Landa shares are non-denominational and should be accessible to all, regardless of their spiritual beliefs.  They are simple and easy to learn; all the songs include words in English and many also include words in Sanskrit, Greek and Spanish.  The meanings of the parts in languages other than English are explained at the beginning of each song.


"Landa holds a beautiful sacred space, embodying the theme of love in a pure and real way. It was a poignant experience for me tangibly filled with love and spirit." TM


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Sound Bath 
with Carly Seller
8.00 - 9.00pm 

A sound bath is a restful experience where the tones and vibrations of therapeutic instruments guide you into a meditative state. Sound is vibratory energy that has the capacity to penetrate all levels of our being; our physical body, energy, thoughts and emotions, and our connection to spirit (that elusive sense of something beyond but also within than ourselves). Healing sounds from bowls, gong and other instruments encourage the mind and body into a deeply relaxed state that can help you process emotions, tune into your intuition and creativity, and activate your body's natural healing abilities.

What to bring:
- Mat, blankets & cushions to make your cosy rest nest (mats and blankets available to borrow if you can't bring them with you)
- A bottle of water

Carly Seller is an artist and energy practitioner based in Plymouth. She's dedicated to opening and holding spaces for play and rest through sound healing, yoga, reiki and creative practice.

Find out more at:

Cost: £12 

Book HERE 

- choose the correct date

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