Workshops & Events


with Louise Bowden

Monday 20th April for 6 weeks 

11.00am - 12.00noon

We are offering a chance to learn how to massage your baby in warm, nurturing and relaxed environment. A lovely way for you to bond and spend time with your baby, it is a six week programme for babies from birth to 1 year.

The programme will teach you the skills to help relieve your baby from wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort. It will allow you some special time with them helping you both to feel closer and support your growing relationship. It will also help you to gain a deeper understanding of your baby’s behaviour, crying and body language. It is a great way to soothe, calm and enjoy time with your baby. Long before babies are able to speak they are communicating with the world around them through various ways, one of these being touch. The power of touch to soothe and heal is instinctive, if a baby cries for example we often cuddle them and rub their back. Massage is an extension of this natural impulse and is a life long parenting skill.


All that we ask for you to bring is a couple of towels or blankets and an extra drink as babies can get thirsty and hungry after they have been massaged. We will supply oils and mats.

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with Cindy

March 6th, 8th, 20th & 22nd 5.15pm - 6.15pm

A series of 4 classes that can be taken individually or together.

Cindy would like to reach out to anyone who is struggling with a mental health issue or has experienced a trauma of any kind. This could range from heartbreak to hearing voices!


The Classes:

Movements & language will focus on soothing anxiety, depression and trauma.  A calm, protective space is essential for trauma-focussed yoga and so each class will be limited to 10 students max.


Please note: this is not a ‘fitness’ class - you do not need any yoga experience and you do not need to be flexible! Beginners are very welcome.


After you sign up Cindy will check in with you prior to the class to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

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with Julia Collura

Sunday 22nd March

2.00pm - 3.30pm

A ‘Vernal (Spring) Equinox’ Vinyasa Flow Workshop to welcome and celebrate the Start of Spring 


Vernal (Spring) Equinox marks the time of year when the day and night are equal. In ancient cultures it is also considered a time to celebrate the return of additional light which brings with it an onset of new energy. In this workshop Julia will guide participants through a personalised journey on the mat with an energetic as well as reflective asana sequence designed to increase staying power. Suitable for all levels, this workshop will also include meditation and pranayama as well as personalised adjustments. As a voiceover artist and theatre practitioner Julia will seamlessly weave narrative and reflections on themes of light, energy and mindfulness throughout this session, sprinkling in a bit of humour to encourage students to keep their flow going both on and off the mat.

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with Landa Love

Sunday 5th April

10.00am - 12.00noon

During a Full Spectrum Dance session we move upwards from deep-rooted connection with the earth to expansive, ecstatic cosmic consciousness at the pinnacle of the dance; working with all of the elements and their corresponding energy centres in the body, moving to a seamless wave of perfectly orchestrated music and encouraged by insightful, heart-centred holding. Within the dance, facilitated by the variety of music chosen and the words spoken, we touch on all aspects of the full spectrum map of human experience:

- Being comfortable in the body and feeling a connection and relationship with the earth/nature/the environment

- Experiencing emotions, feelings in a safe way and learning to allow them to flow through the body, rather than getting stuck. Tapping into our creative flow

- Expressing and releasing tension and blocks and developing our sense of self-esteem and will power. Tapping into a sense of our passion for life

- Opening the heart and connecting to the field of unconditional love

- Connecting with our voice through sound and movement. Feeling the joy of uninhibited authentic expression

- Creating spaciousness in the mind. Dropping effortlessly into a meditative, intuitive space of movement meditation, following the release, vitality and connection experienced during the other stages of the dance

- Dropping into stillness, or a sense of peaceful connection whilst still gently moving, and feeling a sense of support from and opening to that which supports us beyond the personal (whatever that is for each individual participant)

This form of dance facilitates grounding, release, self-expression, freedom and a connection to the natural ecstasy of life. We dance barefoot (or in soft dance shoes if this is necessary for you).

It is recommended to dress in layers of comfortable clothing (to enable you to adjust your temperature easily at different stages of the dance) and to bring a water bottle.


Studio Hire

Available for rehearsals, private events, filming etc

Contact us on if you are interested in hiring our beautiful space. Dance or theatre rehearsals, meditation, mindfulness, or just space to be. Hourly, daily or half daily options available.

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with Julia Collura

Sunday 3rd May

2.00pm - 3.30pm

A ‘Garden as Metaphor’ Vinyasa Flow workshop to mark National Garden Meditation Day

Suitable for all levels and for the gardener as well as non-gardener, this workshop will offer yogis and yoginis the opportunity to reflect upon the concept of sowing seeds within in order to foster and nurture their individual practice. Throughout this mixed session - which includes asana, meditation and pranayama - Julia will offer narrative vignettes of ‘Garden as Metaphor’ using her skills as a voiceover artist as well as quirky humour to encourage participants to consider sowing new seeds in their lives that will bear fruit both on and off the mat. 

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Life Balance Community Evening

Friday 20th March

7.30pm - 10.00pm

Join us in celebrating the Spring Equinox at our first community ‘Life Balance Yoga, Social & Film Night’

Starting off with a 1 hour Yoga Class, ‘Life Balance - Making Time for You’, led by Jules Laville & Louise Handy in which we explore light & dark, night & day, rest & play, effort & relaxation.

This will be followed by some time to socialise & play a few fun games, munch on some healthy nourishing snacks before we cosy on down to watch a film together.

Limited places. Booking is essential.

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with Kath Revell

Sunday 29th March

2.00pm - 4.00pm

The strong muscles that run either side of your spine hold you up against gravity and are switched “on” most of the time. They are your “get up and go” muscles, your call to action. But if you forget how to switch them off, even when you are lying down asleep, they become sore and tight, holding your back rigidly, causing pain. In order to release your back, you need to learn how to pandiculate. It’s the opposite of stretching. You contract the muscles further than you already are so that your brain can clearly recognise what you are doing and sense it fully. Then you slowly release them, and it is during the slow release that you regain control over them and find the new resting length. Then you rest. Each time you pandiculate you reset your nervous system and that is what makes this work so powerful. Over time you can make lasting changes. “Delicate Backs” is a two-hour somatic movement workshop, inspired by the Thomas Hanna series of the same name. You will learn how to pandiculate the muscles of the front and back of your body and explore the diagonal relationship between the shoulders and hips, which is the foundation of walking. Further information please contact Kath Revell on 07729 907056, email, visit

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with Jason Searing

Sunday 19th April

10.00am - 1.00pm

Fourth in a series of workshops looking at different aspects of yoga.

Turn your world upside down.
Overcome blocked fears of so-called advanced postures.
Understand the physics of body stacking.

Practical hands on session. See the world from a different perspective.  Learn to defy gravity, build strength and overcome fears through practicing some of the basic arm balances and inversions of the Rocket Vinyasa 2 series. We spend so much of our time seated or standing in the yoga studio, at home or work isn’t it time to give those legs a rest? Inversions and arm balances not only allow the legs to relax but the shoulders and arms, which are often neglected, are used to make your existing practice challenging but fun.  Postures will be explored individually and then linked together for a full or part Rocket 2 sequence. Postures covered are: pincha mayurasana, bakasana, parsva bakasana A, B, eka pada bakasana, galavasana, koundinyasana A, B, astavakrasana, baddha hasta sirsasana A and Mukta Hasta Sirsasana A. Use this workshop to build your own routine and fly the Rocket. 

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Corporate, Birthdays, Hen & Stag Events

Contact us on and we will work with you to design and deliver a different kind of event to mark your occasion. Dance, flow, energise, relax, meditate - whatever mix matches your imaginings.

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with Jason Searing

Sunday 17th May

10.00am - 1.00pm

Fifth in a series of workshops looking at different aspects of yoga.

Pranayama (control of life force) forms a fundamental part of any yoga practice. Within a vinyasa system it is inherent in the practice itself. However developing a full pranayama practice can help avoid sicknesses and create focus when a vinyasa practice cannot be done. It can also deepen awareness leading to meditation.

Learn and practice a variety of pranayama techniques including ujjayi with bandhas (locks), nadi shodana, bastrika, surya bhedana, sitali and the unique and illuminating Chitshakti Prakriya.

Next we will develop a more aware and meditative mind through a Yin Yoga series. Based on Chinese meridian theory and as a way to strengthen and release connective tissues in the body, we will explore some of the Yin postures in terms of its benefit to cultivate a meditation practice. In itself it Yin Yoga is a great way to calm both body and mind. Longer holds in postures allow body tissues to be worked on which are ignored in a dynamic vinyasa practice.  While this develops a quieter practice it is by no means a weaker practice. By practicing some Yin Yoga and moving further towards a quieter mind, we are ready to end the workshop in a meditation practice. It has been often said that meditation is the best medication. We will be using a meditation approach which can allow individuals to overcome personal issues as well as experience a deep blissful state. This technique has been used in unique settings, but now it is available to you.

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with Katerina Down

Friday 27th March

7.00pm - 8.30pm

A beautiful relaxing sound immersion into the tunes and vibrations of drums, didjeridoo, rattles, singing bowls, gong, harp, healing icaros and more. Together we will drop into a quiet, peaceful place and surrender to the songs and music performed by Katerina Down.

Dress cosy and warm; feel free to bring something to lay on and a blanket but there are yoga mats and blankets at the studio.

Tickets: £12

Places are limited so please book your place in advance.

Booking Essential



with Landa Love

Friday 3rd April

6.45pm - 8.15pm

No singing experience is necessary to enjoy Kirtan; you are welcomed into a joyful, supportive environment, which is open to all.

Bhakti Yoga is the yogic path of love and devotion and Kirtan/Devotional Singing is the musical expression of this. It facilitates a connection with the vibration of the heart and heartful expression.

During this musical yoga of the heart, we sing devotional songs and spiritually uplifting mantras which connect us to the ever present, vibrating field of love in a highly tangible way.

Kirtan chanting is a form of meditation. Think of it as ‘mindful singing’. Chanting uses mantra to focus the mind and create a state of heart-opening vibratory bliss.

People have been chanting the names of the divine for thousands of years. It’s an experience that opens the heart and everyone is encouraged to participate. Even beginners, and anyone new to singing in a group, will feel the joy of connection to spirit as you are lead through learning and chanting the ancient sacred names and mantras.

This devotional singing expression of Bhakti Yoga has a unique capacity to release long-held emotions, blocks and trauma; Walls constructed long ago come crumbling down. Wounds that we never knew were there begin to heal. Long-submerged emotions come to the surface. As we sing, we immerse ourselves in an endless river of prayer. And we effortlessly move into a meditative state that creates a safe haven for the flower of the heart to unfold.

The harmonium produces a unique sound that merges seamlessly with the voice, guides the chanting, holds the voices and encourages various harmonies to emerge within the group. As an acoustic instrument, played by the movement of air, it is the perfect yogic instrument; it becomes one with the musician and feels like a living, breathing member of the group.

As we co-create this field of sacred sound and share this experience of opening to love, the mind stills, we have a direct experience of our own energy and the energy field around us and can feel a sense of unity and oneness.


Sliding scale of payment for the session: Full £9 (pre-pay possible online), Low income/NUS £7, Unwaged £5 (or pay what you can afford on the night). 



with Ricardo Goni

Sunday 12th July

2.00pm - 4.00pm

A Mayan tradition comes to Plymouth
We sing ancestral chants from the Nations of Latin America, allowing the cacao and the songs to go deep into your heart.
Everyone is invited, specially those who are walking their path into love by healing old wounds, this is a ceremony which connects you with love, kindness and forgiveness, with others and with yourself.
At the end of the ceremony it will be a time to share our experiences.

Ceremony guided by Ricardo Goni (Mexico), Mayan Traditional Healer, Shipibo Practitioner.
​In 2012 Ricardo started a Peace Journey with the blessing of the Mayan Counsel, walking with Juan Carlos Reyes around Mexico, Ricardo continued the Peace Journey to South America and he is expanding now the Ancestral Traditions to Europe.

Cost  £15

Online tickets are not refundable but the name of the participant can be changed, please let us know in advance.

This type of healing with ceremonial cacao is for those who want to:
• Realign with the intelligence and wisdom of the heart.
• Recognize what is stagnant and heal it.
• Accelerate and activate your self awareness.
• Let go and heal that which no longer serves you.
• Have a clearer mind, increasing focus and alertness, immune system as well.
• Increase and regulate your sexual energy, reduce stress levels.
• Increase your energy and enthusiasm by being in a higher mood.
• And for all those people who wish to activate the wisdom of the heart to heal it and expand it in a loving vibration, to follow our soul purpose!

This Ceremonial Cacao is the origin of chocolate, a native seed from México (it was used by Aztecs, Mayans and the ancient cultures of Latin America, in some of them it was their coin) that contains the balance of components and ideal energies that stimulate that union of the spirit and the vibration of the heart.
Cacao contains chromium, magnesium, iron, caffeine, Phenethylamine, Anandamide,Tryptophan, Serotonin, Theobromine, Antioxidants, Manganese and Zinc.
It heats and activates a very special and loving frequency in each person. Acts at very subtle and deep levels. The spirit of CACAO allows you to harmonize emotionally and spiritually what you need, without the intervention of the mind. You will let go of that which does not serve you and you will process in a profound way that transformation and change that you need.

Blanket, comfortable clothes and a bottle of water. Those who attend please eat a good breakfast and not eat two hours before the ceremony. Avoid coffee during the day, if you can it is recommended. Drink herbal tea without caffeine and do not consume any other stimulants.

NOTE: if you are nuts allergic or taking antidepressants, if you have or had a psychiatric condition this experience is not suitable for you.

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