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Sound Bath 
with Carly Seller
6th, 13th & 20th Dec 
8.00 - 9.00pm 

A sound bath is a restful experience where the tones and vibrations of therapeutic instruments guide you into a meditative state. Sound is vibratory energy that has the capacity to penetrate all levels of our being; our physical body, energy, thoughts and emotions, and our connection to spirit (that elusive sense of something beyond but also within than ourselves). Healing sounds from bowls, gong and other instruments encourage the mind and body into a deeply relaxed state that can help you process emotions, tune into your intuition and creativity, and activate your body's natural healing abilities.

What to bring:
- Mat, blankets & cushions to make your cosy rest nest (mats and blankets available to borrow if you can't bring them with you)
- A bottle of water

Carly Seller is an artist and energy practitioner based in Plymouth. She's dedicated to opening and holding spaces for play and rest through sound healing, yoga, reiki and creative practice.

Find out more at:

Cost: £12 

Book HERE 

- choose the correct date

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Candlelight Vinyasa Yoga 
with Julia 
Saturday 16th December 
 4- 5:15pm

CANDLELIT Vinyasa Yoga 
Regenerate and Renew


Winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year and is a time for regeneration, renewal and self-reflection. During this 75 minute- Vinyasa candlelit session, Julia will guide participants on a personal journey, providing an opportunity for yogis and yoginis to delve deeper into their practice through asana, meditation and pranayama. 


As a voiceover artist and theatre practitioner Julia seamlessly weaves narrative, reflections on mindfulness and humour into her classes, encouraging her students to keep their flow going both on and off the mat. 


Along with carving the turkey or vegan roast, carve out some time for yourself on the mat!

To book for STUDIO class click HERE

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Yoga Nidra
with Louise Handy
Sunday 17th December
5.30 - 6.30pm

Find total relaxation and help use yoga nidra to effect change in your life.
Whether that desired change is sleeping better, coping with anxiety or changing the habits of a lifetime, yoga nidra can supply the tools to not only relax but also to reprogram ourselves to shed deeply ingrained and learned patterns of behaviour and response.

These sessions draw on the energies of the winter season, first looking at inner intuition and the ancient wisdom sitting deep within us from our ancestors, and for Yule we will consider the longest night and the turning point to the new year with the return of the light. Each time we will enjoy a 40-ish minute yoga nidra practice, leaving you fully rested and restored. ​​

Book one or both sessions - or why not gift to a friend or colleague as well for a well-deserved treat?

This is not a physical practice. No previous yoga or yoga nidra experience needed. All are welcome. 

Yoga nidra is a technique designed to effortlessly guide you into a state of complete "non-doing". Your body is completely relaxed and you can rest in a space where you may enter a state of expanded awareness and deep relaxation. This guided practice takes you to a liminal space hovering between wake and sleep, but remaining aware. Yoga nidra's regenerative meditative state helps benefit both body and mind, restoring and rejuvenating, for greater mental and emotional balance and resilience. 

Why not try it and find the magic...


Choose to join in the studio or live online - please check you are correctly booking either the studio workshop or the LIVE ONLINE session to get the Zoom link. 

Book HERE for Studio

Book HERE for Live Online


Candlelight Yoga Flow 
(Slow Vinyasa) 

Reflect, Refresh & Rejuvenate  
with Jules Laville 
Tuesday 19th December 

Candlelight Yoga Flow - Vinyasa 

A slower paced practice to reflect, refresh & rejuvenate. 

As we approach the festive season & Winter Solstice, it is a great time of the year to slow down & reflect.


Join us this special Candlelight Yoga Flow practice.  The warm glow of candlelight helps to focus the mind inward, inviting the body to release and soften.

Guided by the breath, you will be led through a series of grounding, calming Yoga Flow sequences, creating space & time to reflect to find inner peace & leave feeling rejuvenated for the festive season. 


All levels of ability welcome.

All souls welcome.

All genders welcome. 

To book for STUDIO class click HERE

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sister circle 
there is nothing to do but receive 
with Tara Mills  
Friday 29th December 

Whether you have birthed children or not, within you is the mother archetype. 

Within you, you hold the energy of the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone.

3 beautiful and very different aspects of the feminine.


This festive season has gifted me with a channeled immersion which is set to embrace and nurture the mother within. 

Mother the Mother

2 hours of complete receiving.


My intention for this space is that you are able to enjoy 2 full hours of relaxation, rest and receive the healing medicine that Mother the Mother holds. 


The immersion includes

  • Welcome Circle

  • Rose and Cacao ceremony

  • Womb connection and self-massage

  • Group Quantum energy healing experience using voice and song


  • hands on energy healing and activation from Tara


  • soul connection with magical humans (like you)

All that is asked of you is to come, be and receive ❤️


Date- 29th December 2023

Venue- Space to move

Time- 5pm-7pm

Price £33

Places are limited and confirmed on receipt of payment

Bookings via email to Tara HERE

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Inner Dance Breathwork 

with Cherish Amber  

13th January 2024 


An Inner Dance Breathwork session is two hours of time for you. You can think of it like a refreshing shower for your soul, a time and space where your body and breath find their natural harmony again, meaning you can effortlessly leave behind old patterns and stories, and face the world once more with energy, clarity and optimism.


What to Expect:
Inner Dance Journey: Embark on a mystical journey of self-exploration through movement, music, and meditation.
Guided Breathwork: Experience the power of conscious breathing to release stress, anxiety, and tap into your inner wisdom.
Energetic Restoration: Harness the revitalizing power of sound, movement, touch and breathwork to restore balance and harmony within

Meet Your Facilitator: Cherish Amber is a certified Trauma-Informed Coach and Inner Dance practitioner with many of experience in guiding individuals on their journey of self-discovery and healing. They're passionate about helping you unleash your inner potential.

 Bookings are direct through Cherish 

For more information &

Bookings click HERE

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Corporate, Birthday, Hen & Stag Events

Contact us on and we will work with you to design and deliver a different kind of event to mark your occasion. Dance, flow, energise, relax, meditate - whatever mix matches your imaginings.

Email Space To Move HERE

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Mindful Movement
for Chronic Pain
with Mary-Ella

(Kernow Yoga) 

Fridays 9:30-11am
  8th December 2023 
5th & 19th Jan, 2nd & 16th Feb 2024 

Mindful Movement for Chronic Pain


A fortnightly class starting

Friday 17th November 9.30-11.00am with Mary-Ella from KernowYoga.

Chronic Pain is pain that lasts longer than 3 months. This can be exhausting, frustrating, debilitating and depressing. Mary-Ella’s own experience of chronic back problems, lasting several years, has led to the development of this class.

After attending a Pain Management Course in Plymouth, she formed a strong bond with the people on her course. She designed movement sessions exclusively for them, hosted at Space to Move, which began to help and support them with their day-to-day suffering.

Mary-Ella and the group would now like these sessions to be available for others to benefit. You can benefit from the following aspects -

  • Quiet meditation helps to bring the mind to stillness, learning to accept any sensations that exist. Turning your attention inwards, you can begin to be more present in the moment, lessening thoughts of the past or projections into the future. Connection with the breath helps to channel/broaden your focus, lower the heart rate, and subsequently calm your nervous system.


  • Gentle movement, linked with the breath, allows a stronger mind and body connection to develop. It helps to relieve muscle tension and joint pain, giving you more mobility, increased strength, and improved balance. You are encouraged to take whatever position suits you; seated, standing, or lying. Experimenting by switching between positions, to discover which are comfortable for you on that day, is part of a process designed to help you to develop your own practice.


  • The class concludes with relaxation in which restorative yoga poses are personalised for you for maximum comfort and impact.  A guided visualisation allows the body to rest on a deep level, leaving you feeling nourished.

'With a number of disabilities contributing to chronic pain, fatigue and other issues related to those conditions, I arrive at Mary-Ella's sessions wound as tight as a coiled spring. But, both during and after the sessions, I am transformed and return home again feeling totally relaxed. I never once, ever could have envisaged that I would be participating in yoga sessions. But I'm so glad I did...' (Denis)

Sliding affordability scale of £11-£13.50 per session (90 minutes)


Begin to be part of a community, that understands your issues, and make connections that can help and support you in the short and long term.


Contact  Mary-Ella on 07983 976605

Book through Space to Move


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Winter Solstice Sacred Ceremony  
with Nicola  
Saturday 16th December 

Join us in Sacred Circle with

Ceremonial Cacao or Tea followed by creating Flower Essences that support our journey.

Discover our dreams, release what is needed and embrace the darkness. 

We arrive within the time of Darkness.

The heart of Winter. The Underworld.


Feel the  darkness wrapping around you, a cloak of soft velvety darkness, a blanket held out by the universe that says nourish yourself with gentle hugs and kisses of the stars that can been seen if you are lucky to have a clear night & feel the mystery.


Since Summer Solstice we have been descending to reach the depths and darkness of Winter.

We arrive, bare as the trees, to see our vulnerable true selves.

Let us arrive together to witness each other and to know our deepest desires to Be the Ones we are journeying to Become.

Let us slow together to remember ourselves. As we >

🌀 Move inwardly deep within with our tools of breath and movement, support, and gratitude.

🌀 Circle in sacred space, accepting the mystical.

🌀 Noticing what is fading away as the year nears its completion and explore the intentions we can work with for the next season and year.

🌀 Create flower essences as a tool to support our intentions and work with our daily practices.


Upon this journey that we choose to travel with rest, meditations, sleep and surrender of the self to prepare for our own rebirth, re-awakening in Spring.

Together we celebrate the darkness without and within.


Endings and Beginnings

Death and Birth

Light and Darkness

Circles and cycles as we flow through the seasons.

Let us explore our inner worlds together without expectation or judgements.


Let us welcome the darkness to connect within to our intuition, to our hearts and light.

Let us listen deeply to what we must release.

Let us join together in community to bolster our courage to transform with this opportunity for inner exploration.

Booking Direct Via Nicola For more information & to book click HERE

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Candlelight Evening Calm Yoga 
Preparing for Yule 
with Louise Handy 
Monday 18th December 

An inclusive gentle yoga class helping to find calm in the midst of the festive frenzy. The class will flow seamlessly from quiet contemplation of the importance of Yule/midwinter solstice in our annual cycle, through breathing (pranayama) for stress relief and reduction of anxiety. The physical poses and flowing sequences will help you stretch out the kinks and tensions, and will help strengthen not just muscles but also resolve and stamina. Restorative poses will draw the class back to the grounding energies of the earth before finishing with a mini-nidra relaxation in our resting savasana position. This combination of movement and stillness will prepare you for the week ahead, leaving you feeling physically refreshed and rested, and mentally clear and focused, positive about the season to come. Suitable for all levels, including beginners.

To book for STUDIO class click HERE


Yule Eve & Winter Solstice 
Body & Mind Yoga Flow
& Sound Bath
with Jules & Carly  
Wednesday 20th December 

Join Jules & Carly on the Eve of Yule & Winter Solstice for a Candlelight Body & Mind Yoga Flow & Sound Bath to Embrace, Reflect & Heal.


On the Eve of Yule and as we approach Winter Solstice we create time to release & reflect in the darkness, prepare to welcome the return of light and embrace new beginnings...


6:15-7:30pm Full Body & Mind Yoga Flow with Jules Laville 

A heart-warming candlelight Yoga Flow - Moving Meditation practice, exploring the balance of; Light & Dark - Giving & Receiving - Body & Mind - Yin & Yang, both on the mat and over the festive season. Designed to fill the body and mind with a grounding, positive energy and a sense of deep inner calm.


7:30-8pm Pause: Warm drink/healthy festive snack


8-9pm Sound Bath with Carly Seller

An hour of deep rest in the power of sound and silence. You'll be gently guided into a meditative state with healing vibrations and frequencies from singing bowls, gong, and other therapeutic instruments - these sounds woven together to soften your system and illuminate the wisdom within you at this darkest moment of the year. Silent pauses offer space for integration of the energies as you rest and receive. 


Book HERE for the full evening  workshop Yoga Flow & Sound Bath


For Candlelight Full Body Mind Yoga Flow ONLY book HERE 


For Candlelight Sound Bath ONLY book HERE 

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Inner Peace Sound Journey 
with Carly Seller 
Saturday 30th December 

Join Carly for a soul-soothing sound journey, a restful experience where the frequencies and vibrations of singing bowls, gong, and other therapeutic instruments guide you into a meditative state. Sound is vibratory energy that has the capacity to penetrate all levels of your being; physical body, energy, thoughts and emotions, and connection to spirit. The deeply relaxed states entered through sonic vibrations help you nourish and restore through the activation of your body’s natural healing abilities, connecting you to your inner wisdom.


This 2-hour experience will include:

  • somatic settling practice with movement and breath

  • aromatic immersion with diffused dōTERRA essential oils

  • warming herbal tea

  • oracle guidance

  • guided visualisation to lead you gently into the sound and energy healing

For details & to book go to Eventbrite


The Sister Circles Series 
Awaken to the MAGIC of Community 

with Tara

Wednesday Circles Series

31st Jan, 28th Feb, 27th Mar, 24th April

Thursday Circles Series

18th Jan, 15th Feb, 21st Mar & 18th April 

Sitting in circle with women is an ancient practice. When we sit intentionally together in circle we create a portal-  
My intention for this portal is that we build the warmest, heart opened space for women to come and be just as you are. 
This circle is for you to come and take up space, be held and hold other women as we journey through life. 

An organic process of sitting intentionally in this space is that we heal- 
From our siter wounds all the way through to our worthiness- the possibilities are limitless. 

This is a space for community where we sit as equals and take care of one another

Please contact Tara on or over on Instagram @guided_tarajayne to book. 

Email Tara HERE


   Somatic Improvisation
Celebrating the Body-Mind Experience through Somatic Improvisation
Movement Workshops 
with Charlotte Eaton 
Inner Motion Movement 
Saturday 10th December 

Only £6 per workshop
(subsidised ACE)

Inner Motion Movement presents a Somatic Improvisation workshop led by founder, Charlie. With 10 years of teaching experience and an expert in improvisation, Charlie will verbally guide you in exploring your body in motion through dance and movement improvisation. 
The sessions will involve tasks exclusive to Inner Motion Movement delivery - these workshops are not to be missed.
These lively session will be physical, but you are invited to take it at your own pace and find your own sense of fluidity.
Perfect for those interested in experimenting with the moving body and wanting to explore physicality, including yogis, movers, dancers, actors and directors. 
Inner Motion Movement does not work with sequences, routine/set movement, so you do not need to worry about whether "you can dance" or not!

No memory is required & you absolutely do not need any dance experience!
Dress comfortably in warm, long layers. The workshop may involve elements of light contact at times.
Please note a photographer and/or videographer may be present during the workshops. Photos will be made accessible to participants.


You can find Charlie and Inner Motion Movement on Instagram @innermotionmovement

For more information, email:

   Full details & to book Please click HERE

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Kundalini Yoga Heart Centre Workshop  
with Sonia 
Sunday 17th December 

During the workshop I will share tools from Kundalini yoga to open the Heart Centre, kriya (set of exercises), pranayama breath, meditations for expanding and being present within ourselves. The last part will be a Sound Relaxation with the Gong and Crystal bowls. Workshop is suitable for all levels. What is it that drives us? What is the power behind the creation? What is it that makes us click? What is that makes us feel and shiver with humbleness, excitement, joy and unconditional love? It is all Energy, simple love coming from our heart. The creational power behind everything. But how can we allow ourselves to feel? Most of our lives we were just surviving, disconnected from our core and Heart. Numbed ourselves with outside distractions so we don’t have to feel. Afraid, Lost, Hiding, Pretending. Afraid to be yourself. The activation key is within yourself. To be open, to be honest, to allow yourself to receive, to feel the emotions and to let go of what no longer serves your highest potential. To hold yourself with Grace and Love, welcoming all those parts that you have been hiding, neglecting and ignoring. Simply be without pretending and expecting. Activate your Dragon Heart, the core of your beautiful Creation, opening it petal after petal, layer after layer into a beautiful blossoming flower. Explore. Feeling yourself as a part of everything. Finding the way in without judging. Loving yourself and Loving all your reflections in others. You are the Creation. You are the Love. You are the Unity. Please wear comfortable clothes. You can bring a matt and a blanket, pillow for additional comfort. Please bring a bottle of water. Don’t eat heavy meals 3.5 hours before the workshop, you can have a light snack. ​


Exchange - £23


Book direct via Sonia - For more information & to book click HERE


Candlelight Yin Yoga 
Receive Peace 
with Jules Laville 
Monday 18th December 

A grounding, nourishing

Candlelight Yin Yoga practice.

At this time of year many of us can often feel exhausted with all the rushing about in preparation for the festive celebrations. Our emotions can be mixed from day to day and vary greatly from person to person. Including feeling... overwhelmed, excitement, sad, grief, stressed, judged, competitive, pure joy, struggling to make sense of if all & nostalgic.

So, however you are feeling, you are welcome to join us for this grounding, nourishing Candlelight Yin Yoga practice has been created to support you, nourish you and help you to receive peace.

The warm glow of candlelight helps to focus the mind inward, releasing stress and inviting you to rest & receive. You’ll be guided through a series of traditional Yin Yoga postures with long holds designed to access deeper flexibility in your muscle, connective tissue, body, heart & mind.

No experience is need,

All levels of ability welcome.

To book for STUDIO class click HERE

Winter solstice chanting picture_edited.

Candlelight Songs for Solstice 
with Landa Love 

Thursdays 7-8:30pm
   21st December 2023   

We will gather in together in a beautiful candlelit space to share a devotional singing and chanting session for the Winter Solstice.  The mantras and songs will be specifically chosen to facilitate a sense of inner connection and an opening of the heart to the vibration of Love. The singing will be interwoven with beautiful spiritual poetry and verses.


The evening will offer a chance to be nourished and come back to ourselves, connecting with the sense of peace and inner reflection that is available to us on this longest night of the year. A peace which can sometimes be eclipsed by the busy-ness and consumption of the Christmas season. We will co-create a field of healing sound, accompanied by the harmonium, and open to the ever present, flowing vibration of Joy.


Singing and chanting focus and still the mind, open the heart and offer a gentle release of stress and trauma. Tears may gently flow, and this is natural as an expression of this release and a growing connection with the heart.


The songs that Landa shares are non-denominational and should be accessible to all, regardless of their spiritual beliefs.


"Landa holds a beautiful sacred space, embodying the theme of love in a pure and real way. It was a poignant experience for me tangibly filled with love and spirit." TM




Full Body & Mind Yoga Flow 

with Jules Laville 

Saturdays 4 - 5:15pm
   6th January 2024  

An invigorating open level yoga class designed to fill the body and mind with a positive energy and a sense of deep inner calm.


This class perfect for those who attend a weekly/regular class/practice at home & wish to explore taking their practice to the next level ! All levels welcome! 


Deepening your practice; taking the next step isn't just about the physical practice. Yoga can help you strength & calm amongst uncertainty, learn about & get to know yourself deeper.


Throughout these monthly sessions we explore a varied combination of poses, movements and sequences incorporating; backbends, hip openers, twists, forward folds, balances and inversions.


Options/variations are always offered, there is always something you can do... adapting poses/practicing safe alignment to find what serves your body/mind best is a big part of deepening your practice.


We also explore a variety of breathwork, meditation, commitment/home practice and ways to take yoga into your everyday life.


If you have any question please get in touch.

Booking in advance is essential



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Studio Hire
Available for rehearsals, private events, filming etc

Contact us on if you are interested in hiring our beautiful space. Dance or theatre rehearsals, meditation, mindfulness, or just space to be. Hourly, daily or half daily options available.

Special features:

Sprung dance floor

Completely accessible

Toilet and baby change facilities

Small kitchen

Natural light

Stereo and video streaming options

Email Space To Move HERE

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