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Privacy & Equality Code of Conduct

Online Privacy and Equality Code of Conduct


What we do…

At Space to Move we encourage diversity actively by respecting all, regardless of age, physical limitations, race, creed, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation or sexual orientation. We respect the rights, dignity and privacy of all those attending classes in our studio and online. 

For safety we follow industry best practice advice by contacting anyone new, who signs up for an online class who is not previously known to us. 

What we ask of you … 
For those attending classes we ask you to respect the rights, dignity and privacy of all of those attending online classes. 

Camera on or Camera off?

Whilst for safety it is desirable as teachers to be able to see you during class, ultimately this is entirely your personal choice.

We respect that some people prefer to have their cameras turned off for any of the following reasons:

•    Don’t want to be seen or don’t want others to see into their private home 
•    To protect children and other people living at home
•    Technical reasons such as internet connection 
•    Limitations of the technology they have available

Thank you for your support and understanding. Together we can continue to grow an inclusive, welcoming, safe community for like-minded people to connect, practice and stay healthy. 

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