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Beginning to move

​The thought of going to a class can be daunting. Here are our top 10 guidelines to those first steps:

  • Feel comfortable in asking questions

  • You don't need the latest fitness clothing to come to a class. As long as you can move comfortably that's all that matters

  • Space To Move has all the equipment you need - mats, blocks, blankets etc

  • You don't need to be bendy to join a yoga class

  • If you need to pause, or not do every pose, that's ok - no-one will judge you 

  • No need to be intimidated by other people in the class; they will be focusing on themselves rather than you

  • The props in any class are there to support your practice, and work with your unique body, not as a judgement on you. They are part of any good practice, as every body is built differently, and doesn't move in exactly the same way.

  • Sometimes it might feel weird and difficult - stick with it, it will be beneficial

  • Not every kind of class will suit everyone; give it time to find the right one for you

  • It's totally fine to fall asleep at the end of a yoga class and even to snore too! 

  • Think of this as a journey not a destination - and relish the places you visit on the way.

Classes particularly suitable for beginners are:

Beginners' Yoga Course

Evening Calm Yoga,

Beginners' Yoga Flow Course

Gentle Yoga Flow


We also warmly welcome beginners to our Yoga Nidra sessions

And if you don't consider yourself a beginner......part of our yoga practice is cultivating a beginner's mind - helping us become healthier, stronger and more flexible not just in body but also in mind - so why not try out a different class and experience something new.



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