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Yoga Styles at Space to Move

Looking at a Yoga timetable can be really confusing and even off-putting, when you have no idea what all the terminology means. What is the difference between Ashtanga and Kundalini? Should you start with Vinyasa or Hatha?

So here is a guide to the different styles/classes we offer to help you decide where to start and which might suit your approach to life! Don't be afraid to try a few different classes until you find one (or more) that resonates with you or work with your present state of being. Whichever you choose, we’re sure you will see some positive transformation in your world.

Evening Calm Yoga

Our Evening Calm Yoga classes include a blend of Hatha, gentle Vinyasa Flow, Yin & Restorative Yoga. A rounded experience suitable for beginners, as there is mindful technical alignment instruction, but also suitable for those with an established asana (posture) practice as developmental options are always provided. There is also an opportunity here for those who want to learn a little more about the language, posture options, breathing practices (pranyamas) and philosophy of yoga, as these are sprinkled into the mix. Singing bowls provide gentle sounds towards the end of class.

Vinyasa Yoga & Yoga Flow

Vinyasa means to “place in a special way”; mindfully and with breath.  Vinyasa/Flow is a style of yoga that connects postures together into fluid flowing sequences. Sequences vary greatly; no two classes are the same, providing a dynamic workout for body and mind. This more dynamic style of yoga creates an internal heat/fire (Agni) in the first part of the class and then goes on to use this heat to practice peak poses (more challenging poses) with options always provided. The class ends with a varying combination of deep stretching, restorative poses and breathing (pranayama) practice.  Music and ambient sounds are incorporated. Suitable for all levels as all our teachers provide options throughout.  Gentle Flow provides a slower paced, fluid practice.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga means the physical practice of yoga. A slow, safe, holistic practice including a combinations of gentle and dynamic held postures (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), self-massage and yoga philosophy.  Classes help develop self-awareness and how yoga can support daily life. Our Hatha Yoga classes may not have any music involved and are suitable for beginners and those recovering from injury/illness.  

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a style that gives you permission to slow down, open your body through passive stretching. This styles uses props (bolsters/blankets, blocks provided) to support the body.  Postures are held for long periods, providing the time and space for you to “let go” of tension; muscular and mental.  The mind is guided and encouraged to relax throughout. A rejuvenating and restoring class, this is suitable for all levels, including beginners and those recovering from injury/surgery/illness.

Yoga Nidra

There are lots of descriptions of Yoga Nidra, often naming the practice but Nidra is originally the term used to describe a state of being, or of being in a state of pure awareness. There are different schools of Nidra, and at Space To Move the classes and workshops use a blend of styles/lineages to provide a fully rounded and inclusive Yoga Nidra. In Yoga Nidra the body and mind are fully relaxed which is conducive to emotional and physical healing, being a great tool for deep relaxation and connection. Yoga Nidra does not involve physical yoga poses or asanas, other than making yourself nice and comfortable, so every body can participate - all you need is the time and ability to listen without interruption. Nidra's magic comes through hearing and feeling, so you purely work at listening and awareness. Suitable for all levels, and can be combined with other physical yoga practices.

Pregnancy Yoga

Specialist yoga classes for those who are pregnant, taking into account the specific needs and cautions associated with pregnancy.

Post-natal Yoga

Specialist yoga classes for those who have recently been pregnant, taking into account the specific needs and cautions associated with the post-pregnant state, and the demands of recent parenthood.

Yin Yoga

Yin takes a more internal and meditative approach than some of the more dynamic (Yang) styles. Props support the body through the long holds which characterise this style. These holds softly open tight connective tissues and tendons to improve circulation and joint mobility.

Kundalini Yoga

This dynamic form of yoga, is as much spiritual as it is physical. The class includes postures (asanas), breath work (pranayama), sound/chanting (mantra), meditation and relaxations to awaken energy and channel it through the body for total well-being.  Together these practices in Kundalini Yoga take you back to your true nature. Suitable for all levels; including those experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and addiction.

Ashtanga Yoga

This is a challenging and highly structured form of yoga, consisting of set sequences of postures linked together by Vinyasa sequences. We offer taught classes of the first (primary) series, which needs to be mastered before moving on to the further series. Beginners are welcome, as are regular yogis, especially those looking for a more dynamic, more physically testing work out. Music is incorporated in this class.

Iyengar® Yoga

This style focuses on body alignment and includes the extensive use of props (blocks, belts, blankets, bolsters provided) to help achieve the shape of the posture. Postures are often held for longer periods to encourage muscles to relax, strengthen and lengthen. It can be popular with beginners, those with postural or alignment problems and those recovering from injury.

Hot Yoga

Enhancing and encouraging well-being, taking care of all living things, is really important to us and to everything we do at Space to Move. Therefore we do not, and will not, run any hot yoga classes.  Most hot yoga derives from Bikram Yoga, which uses a heated room to augment the yoga experience. Due to the negative environmental impact we do not condone the excessive use of heat, nor the showers, deep anti-bacterial chemical cleaning & air conditioning required in hot yoga studios.  Some claim that heat reduces injury but this should be mitigated by good instruction and experienced, caring instructors (which we nurture at Space To Move), whereas there is evidence that the unnatural warmth encourages individuals to overstretch and to undertake postures they may not be ready for, causing longer term issues as well as biological/infectious hazards.

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