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Our sustainability stance

We don't make a huge song and dance about it, but our lovely studio at Space To Move is not just built on a huge amount of passion & love from Louise, Jules & our wonderful teachers & facilitators, but also on good ethical and sustainable principles. Sustainability around the future of our planet for us is naturally imbedded in the many decisions we have to make for our business on a regular basis. Over the past 5 years, wherever possible we have used materials which were the best choice for the environment / our planet / people who are impacted, such as choosing fast growing, replenishable, bamboo for the flooring instead of oak or pine. Also our Yoga Mats from Yoga Matters are eco-friendly: free from toxic chemicals and dyes, made from sustainably harvested natural tree rubber and recycled materials certified by Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) - an innovative solution to environmental waste, making them recyclable & biodegradable.

We also chose our energy suppliers because they provide our energy from 100% renewable sources. A little email that came into our inbox today, prompted us to share with our growing following our efforts to tread lightly in the world whilst providing the best experience we can to our loyal community.

We all love candle light.. but can you help us ?!

You may have noticed our candles in the studio too! For a long time we have used a specific independent supplier of vegan tealights. These come at quite a cost to us and despite much research we still aren't sure of their carbon footprint/impact on the world. We have also been researching battery operated candles, but are very aware the issues of child labour in making the batteries for these.

So we'd be really interested to hear from you ... Do you know of any good value vegan wax tealights which aren't made of petroleum products, are not scented but are environmentally friendly? OR rechargeable battery environmental friendly LED candles? We'd love to hear your suggestions, thoughts, ideas... feel free to message us by email or on Facebook.....

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