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More input to training the doctors of the future

Space To Move is delighted to be hosting a final year medical student from Keele University for his elective this summer. This is a new collaboration with Keele, on top of our long partnership with Peninsula Medical School where first year medical students have short placements with us to experience how yoga, dance, meditation and movement can provide physical and mental health benefits. Louise and Jules are dedicated to embedding the importance of these activities for health and wellbeing within the education of our future doctors, so this is another great success for the pair.

We hope you will join with us to welcome Andre whilst he is with us later this year, and that you will feel able to engage with him before, during and after classes, giving him your valuable opinions and experiences of the impact of yoga, movement and meditation on your lives.

Here’s a little bit from Andre to introduce himself:

"My name is Andre, a final year medical student at Keele University and in a few short months a newly qualified doctor. I am excited to say Space to Move will be hosting me for my final year elective project.

I have spent the last 4.5 years of rigorous study, learning the ins and outs of our bodies and the mechanisms that keep us moving or at times fail to keep us moving. Health is an important part of everyone’s lives and as we kicked off 2023, I am sure the many champagne toasts on January 1st wished for a year of good health and new year’s resolutions to get fit and healthy.

There is no better time to get into action and start owning our health journeys. Over the course of May and June, I will be spending time with Jules, Louise, and the rest of the Space to Move team to learn about the vital work they do to keep everyone happy and healthy in body and mind.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon and don’t hesitate to say hi in the classes!"

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sally sheppard
sally sheppard
Feb 26, 2023

More Movement is more and more important as you age.

It is very important for our future doctors to learn that ‘Exercise is Medicine’.

Every long term health condition is improved by increased movement: the need for operations and medication is reduced and in many cases avoided altogether.

Good luck to Andre.

Sally, (GP & Sports Doctor)


So refreshing to hear of a medical student choosing a holistic placement for an elective. Brilliant. Looking forward to meeting you at Space to Move. And maybe you will be part of the IFM community at some point.

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