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Andre is here

Wow - where has the time gone? All of a sudden we're in May and our final year medical student, Andre Ferreira, from Keele University has arrived to do his elective placement with Space To Move. We'll be working with him to help him get the best out of his placement with us over the next 6 weeks or so, and we'll give you more updates as we have them,

but for now we'll let Andre say hi himself:

"Hello everyone,

My elective has finally started and I will be joining the team from tomorrow across the various classes and workshops. I will be looking to participate and learn about everything the studio offers to keep us physically and mentally fit.

Over the next six weeks, I am hoping to learn about your motivations, thoughts, feelings and challenges in partaking in the various activities in the hopes that as a future doctor my guidance can be underpinned by real people’s experiences.

Should you wish to partake, please feel free to say hi at any of the classes. I look forward to meeting you all soon!


We hope you all join with us to welcome Andre to Plymouth and to Space To Move.

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1 Comment

What a great elective placement to choose!

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