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Cindy is a clinical psychologist experienced in working with a wide range of mental health problems including: severe trauma, personality disorder, child abuse, psychosis, addiction, OCD, bereavement, eating disorders, anxiety & depression.

After 15 years in the NHS, and 10 years of yoga Cindy was keen to find a way to combine her passion for yoga with her psychology experience. Her goal was to find a new way of soothing the distress of her clients, as well as empower them.  She gained her 200YTT and travelled to Harvard University in Boston to specialise in Trauma Focussed Yoga.  This evidence supported practice uses adapted yoga techniques to promote psychological and physical healing for survivors of trauma.


Cindy would like to reach out to anyone who is struggling with a mental health issue or has experienced a trauma of any kind. This could range from heartbreak to hearing voices!


Cindy teaches Yoga for Mental Health classes at Space to Move.


Cindy's classes:

Movements & language will focus on soothing anxiety, depression and trauma.  A calm, protective space is essential for trauma-focussed yoga and so each class will be limited to 10 students max. 
Please note: this is not a ‘fitness’ class - you do not need any yoga experience and you do not need to be flexible! Beginners are very welcome.
After you sign up Cindy will check in with you prior to the class to ensure you get the most out of the experience. 

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