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New Year's Round Up! 🎆

2022 has been another year of development for Space To Move.

After the ups and downs of 2 pandemic years, 2022 has seen people gradually reemerging back into activities we used to take for granted. Amongst the many twists, crazy balances, deep hip openers and attempts of headstands in 2022 at Space to Move we have had our ups and downs, our challenges and successes, laughter and tears, despair and hope like many other small independent businesses, but that’s life right! All part of being alive and keeping it real!

We know that in these turbulent, deranged times how important the tranquil setting of Space to Move has been for many; a place where you can escape the chaos to breathe, to move and to be.

In 2022 the class numbers have morphed from a considerable online contingent to many people returning to in person classes. We delivered 10 courses, more than 80 workshops and 675 classes. There was the addition of our first donation based class - ‘Feel Good Yoga’ to make Yoga more accessible for all. As well as, the continued experiential sessions to the doctors of tomorrow with the first year medical students.

Teachers often share with us their gratitude in providing them with a space to explore and develop their own teaching practice, where they can create a welcoming, safe environment, calm ambience for their classes & workshops.

We’d like to thank all our teachers/facilitators for their commitment, their energy and their passion to share their knowledge and expertise with our community.

And last but not least…

Let’s not forget we were voted ‘Best Yoga Studio in Devon’ by Muddy Stilettos!

Finally, we would like to say a massive thank you to every single one of you who have attended a class, workshop or course at Space to Move in 2022. Your support, attendance, commitment and feedback, motivates us to drive our business forwards with passion and energy.

Jules Laville, Yoga Teachers, Co-founder & Co-Director of Space to Move

Reflects on 2022.

Unexpectedly, I have found myself feeling very emotional and reflective amongst the many flickering candle lights in the studio for the Festive Candlelight Yoga Flow workshops this week. Amongst all those flickering soft lights, all those people, breathing, moving and being together. It felt like we were held together and being supported by the balance of the darkness and warm glow of candlelight. I am proud of what Louise, myself and the Space to Move team created. It was a dream of mine to share with others how yoga helped me when undergoing treatment for breast cancer over 14 years ago.

So here are a few of those life affirming moments, the things I have loved at Space to Move 2022!

Observing a full cohort of students from one of my beginner’s yoga flow courses graduate from Beginner Level to Level 2! For a teacher there is nothing like observing a student's confidence, commitment and knowledge grow , which enables them to take charge of their life balance and make a real difference to their day to day.

The commitment of my Gentle Yoga Flow’ers and the many conversations we have over what is gentle! I love the buzz of conversation in the studio as people arrive and catch up with each other before we start. I learn so much from these students… including the fact that practising yoga is not always about developing, more strength, more adaptability, more flexibility it is also about maintaining what we have.

Filming, photographing one of Carly's sound baths! I took a few clips and thought I’ll just lay down for 10 minutes and then take some more…, but the healing sound took me to another place entirely. I left the studio feeling completely rested, calm and refreshed. So deeply restorative.

Attending Women’s Yoga Club, Pia’s guidance is gentle, there is no competition here, it feels safe and inclusive. I felt completely held and supported throughout the class. There is a perfect balance of challenge, strength, stretch, mindfulness and relaxation. Just what I needed after a busy week.

Louise Handy, Yoga Teachers, Co-founder & Co-Director of Space to Move

Reflects on 2022.

I for one have been delighted with the way our workshop offerings have returned and strengthened with a fabulous mix of cacao ceremonies, healing and energetic circles, specialist yoga, restorative sessions, sound baths and yogic sleep. So whether people can commit to a regular practice or want to periodically drop in for a treat, we’ve been able to provide just what’s required.

Additionally, we’ve felt so supported by our lovely growing community – both attendees at classes and events and our teachers and facilitators. Without them we simply couldn’t have continued and thrived over the year, so a big thank you all round.

Finally, my heart-felt thanks go to Jules, my best buddy, my partner in our Space adventure – without whom none of this would have been possible. I also thank our other halves for continuing to help and support us and our schemes with no complaints and with creativity and practicality. Long may our amazing collaboration continue. Here’s to 2023!!

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