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Jodie Hansen

Jodie first started to practice Yoga when she was 16 and really noticed how it helped her feel more balanced, resilient and more comfortable within her body and herself.
Yoga for her is a tool to slow down. Focusing on conscious movement and breath to create a grounded space in which we can find a deeper connection to our self. In her classes she tries to guide you to move and breathe mindfully and to become more focused in the present moment. Through practicing in a gentle and mindful way we have an opportunity to come within, connecting to ourselves in a caring non judging environment.
Jodie's approach is a holistic one and she aims to adjust the practice to the students' needs making it accessible to as many people as possible by offering various options and modifications and placing a strong focus on functional and mindful movement. 
Jodie is a qualified Yoga teacher and Holistic Therapist with a great passion for holistic wellbeing.

Jodie teaches Restorative Yoga workshops and classes at Space to Move.

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