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Carly Seller

Carly is committed to supporting people to deepen their self-trust by embracing play through yoga, sound healing and creative play.

Carly teaches Holistic Yoga in a way that encourages embodied self-inquiry with a playful attitude. Having first practiced yoga as a teenager, she found herself being drawn back to the practice during challenging times, and eventually undertook her 500-hour Yoga Teacher diploma with the Devon School of Yoga, graduating in 2019. She has also trained in Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Teenagers with the Teen Yoga Foundation. 

Carly’s interest in sound came from Yoga, through mantra practice and using instruments to create spaces of relaxation. Sound baths and participatory forms of group sound therapy are an invitation for deep self-inquiry that can support us on physical, mental and emotional levels, and enable us to gain insights on resistances and limiting beliefs. Carly is currently undertaking her training to facilitate Group Sound Therapy with BAST (British Academy of Sound Therapy).

Carly is also a visual artist working across performance, moving-image, photography, drawing and object-making. As well as making art, she is also experienced in facilitating creative workshops for adult and children, using playful approaches that combine art, movement and sound.


Carly is delivering sound baths and group sound therapy sessions at Space To Move 

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