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Julia Collura

Whilst in her twenties, Julia first took to the mat to cope with the pressures of urban life in New York City. As a young university student studying to be a professional pianist, when not attending classes or rehearsing, she could often be seen rollerblading downtown to attend Hatha or Kundalini classes. Julia quickly understood that yoga was a wonderful vehicle to de-stress. It was upon relocating to London in 2007 that Julia discovered her affinity with Vinyasa Flow and since then she hasn’t looked back.


During her 200-hour teacher training at YogaLondon Julia began to gain a deeper appreciation of the value of yoga. Through a strong asana practice and connection with the breath she has a stronger sense of self – and she’s realised that no matter which side of the pond she is on, the ability to be rooted lies within.  With a varied career path from professional pianist to Theatre practitioner and more recently Voiceover Artist, Julia has found that the one constant throughout her life has been her yoga practice and she is extremely grateful to the many teachers who have inspired her – especially Ravi Singh and Stewart Gilchrist.


Not a super bendy pretzel, herself, Julia hopes to impart that, contrary to popular belief, this is not a pre-requisite for yoga. In her teaching she aims to offer a challenging physical practice delivered with a blend of inspirational humour and expansive language that will inspire and enable her students to access an individual connection with mind, body and spirit.  A natural storyteller, Julia often weaves a tale or two into her classes, with the intention to support her students to not only keep their flow going, but to motivate them to consider commonalities of the human condition, which ultimately connect us to each other both on and off the mat.


In her classes, Julia offers a variety of options in order to suit all levels as well as personalised adjustments. She is a member of Yoga Alliance.

Julia teaches Vinyasa Flow at Space To Move

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