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​Kundalini Yoga Heart Centre Workshop

with  Sonia Gian Tejpreet Kaur 

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Book via Sonia
  • Charles Darwin Road

Service Description

During the workshop I will share tools from Kundalini yoga to open the Heart Centre, kriya (set of exercises), pranayama breath, meditations for expanding and being present within ourselves. The last part will be a Sound Relaxation with the Gong and Crystal bowls. Workshop is suitable for all levels. What is it that drives us? What is the power behind the creation? What is it that makes us click? What is that makes us feel and shiver with humbleness, excitement, joy and unconditional love? It is all Energy, simple love coming from our heart. The creational power behind everything. But how can we allow ourselves to feel? Most of our lives we were just surviving, disconnected from our core and Heart. Numbed ourselves with outside distractions so we don’t have to feel. Afraid, Lost, Hiding, Pretending. Afraid to be yourself. The activation key is within yourself. To be open, to be honest, to allow yourself to receive, to feel the emotions and to let go of what no longer serves your highest potential. To hold yourself with Grace and Love, welcoming all those parts that you have been hiding, neglecting and ignoring. Simply be without pretending and expecting. Activate your Dragon Heart, the core of your beautiful Creation, opening it petal after petal, layer after layer into a beautiful blossoming flower. Explore. Feeling yourself as a part of everything. Finding the way in without judging. Loving yourself and Loving all your reflections in others. You are the Creation. You are the Love. You are the Unity. Please wear comfortable clothes. You can bring a matt and a blanket, pillow for additional comfort. Please bring a bottle of water. Don’t eat heavy meals 3.5 hours before the workshop, you can have a light snack. ​Kundalini Yoga Heart Centre Workshop Sunday 17th December 2023    10:00-12:30 Exchange - £23 Book direct via Sonia - Please email

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule class bookings please contact us at least 48 hours before the class is due to start. To cancel or reschedule courses or workshops we require 10 days notice prior to the event/course. Thank you for your support & understanding 🙏

Contact Details

  • 2 Charles Darwin Road, Plymouth, UK

    + 44 7846 794567 or +44 79199 20345

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