This 4-week Home Fitness Programme, created by PT instructor Esmée Laville, is all you need to get ready for the Spring!

This version (Version 2) provides you with a flexible workout structure so you can work-out at a time that is best for you - 5 times a week for 4 weeks.

So that you stay motivated Esmée has created a Workout Library you can select from.  Workouts vary from 25 – 45 minutes.  

This includes; Feel Good HIITs, Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body Burns, Cardio HIITs & Ab circuit sessions.

All sessions can be done with or without dumbbells & or resistant bands.

Once booked you will receive, via email, a PDF of the full programme and have access to Esmée’s PT private Instagram page where you will be able to access all the Video Demonstrations from the Workout Library.

This Instagram page also provides a platform for Esmée to support you all the way through and answer any questions.  You will also be able to meet other people who are doing the same programme.

So, what are you waiting for! Let’s get started!


4-week Home Fitness Programme - 5-day split


  • PDF with 4 week programme for 5 training days/week. Includes options for each type of workout, and access to demonstration/instruction videos for all the workout options with safety tips, correct form and alignment information.