Lorna Lucien

When diagnosed with Osteopenia (the onset of Osteoporosis) 5 years ago, I turned to Pilates to increase bone density, strengthen bones and improve balance and core strength, all conducive to preventing future falls and breaks.  I discovered that the Pilates method offered so much more, it gave me a valuable insight into how my body works, improving and changing postural alignment habits, toning muscles and increasing flexibility.  I have never looked back!


My passion for Pilates grew as I started to understand the methodology behind it.  I then witnessed my father slowly give up, sitting in a chair day after day, in the end he lost the mobility of his legs, and through immobility developed a bed sore, resulting in septicaemia and his passing.  If only he had kept moving!

This further fuelled my passion to get others moving, so much so, I trained to become a fully qualified Pilates Instructor, specialising in exercise for older adults.  I gave up my job as a Customer Services Director in London and moved to Plymouth to focus solely on teaching.

Lorna teaches Pilates at Space to move 

Pilates is suitable for everyone!

It doesn’t matter what age you are, gender or fitness level Pilates can work for you, so whether you’re looking to achieve a specific goal, rebuild your core strength, correct muscle imbalances, are expecting or just had a baby, or you just want to move and have fun, I would love to help you. 


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