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Laura Ruffoni


From Northern Italy, Laura started yoga 12 years ago, inspired by a peaceful image of a yogini meditating in Padmasana (lotus pose). Her background in law resonates well with the accuracy of Iyengar® yoga. Alongside her accent, Laura maintains a playful and sensitive attitude which accompanies her teaching.

She continues to be fascinated by how an apparent small detail in the posture can transform the entire experience of the asana and how these continual revelations in the practice keep us humble, open to the unexpected and inspired.

Besides good coffee, Laura loves travelling by train to yoga workshops around Devon & Cornwall and taking notes whilst being distracted by the beauty of nature flowing past outside the window.

Laura trained at Bath Iyengar® Yoga Centre and holds an Introductory Level II teaching certificate. She is looking forward to sharing what she has learnt and to learn from you. 


Laura teaches Iyengar Yoga classes at Space to Move.

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