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David Rees

Known for his gentle, grounded and practical ways, David offers support and guidance to those who are keen to find peace and fulfilment within themselves and their lives.


His outlook is one where Meditation meets life, describing Meditation as bringing awareness to ourselves and our experience in a kind and curious way. This approach has and continues to be the foundation for David’s own life, providing deeper self-understanding and a way to deal with the ups and downs of life; this is also the basis of his work as a Mindfulness based Counsellor / Coach and Meditation Teacher.


David has trained extensively in the therapeutic world starting over 20 years ago, studying both Eastern and Western traditions. For a number of years he would spend extended periods of time in contemplation in India and Nepal, sometimes with world renowned teachers and the Buddhas of our times and on other occasions on intensive Meditation retreats.


He also loves to write and is currently working on his first book, a collection of poems and writing about Life, Love, Spirituality, Meditation, Pain, Suffering, Acceptance, Awakening and all the good stuff… based on his own life experience.


David teaches Meditation for Everyday Life at Space To Move


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