Tim Porter

Tim came to Tai Chi after a very bad accident, and Tai Chi was instrumental in bring him back to health. He was fortunate to learn from two teachers and after many years of practice he has now been teaching for 18 months. He has an intense feeling in him to share what he has learned with others and is really excited about coming to Space To Move and looking forward to the journey together.


Tim teaches Tai Chi Chuan Yang style at Space to Move

Tim will teach the short form which is 5 minutes from beginning to end, and move on to teaching the long form which is a twenty minute sequence. 


During the classes Tim will bring in some Qi Gong and other energy exercises. 


Tai chi is a martial art, a moving meditation, a way of healing. 

It helps to lower blood pressure, and massages internal organs. It helps to bring balance into your body and can help slow the mind and stop the mind-chatter. Yin and Yang.

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