Chris Weight

Chris started practising Capoeira (badly) in late 2002 whilst at University in Plymouth, Devon with Capoeira South-West - led by Adam Barker (Onça voado-Adão do selva), one of the original progenitors of Capoeira in the UK. In 2005, Chris started training with Angoleiros do Mar Devon - headed by Mestre Marcelo Angola - under Christie (Trenel Pão de milho) and he's been a part of this group ever since. When Pão de milho left the area in 2014, Chris took on the class and continued to maintain the presence of Capoeira Angola in Plymouth and of Angoleiros do Mar in Devon.


Chris (Vermelho) teaches Capoeira at Space to Move

In teaching both the music and movement of Capoeira Angola, Chris' focus and passion is to try and break down something that can, at times, seem incredibly difficult into easy-to-understand steps, enabling anyone to walk into a class and get a sense of progression and enjoyment from day one.

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